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Every customer is an individual and we're dedicated to solving your problems

About Us

Corporate Profile

1993 marked the beginning of Bee Lian Plastic Industries' history as a leading manufacturer of high-quality carrier bags.

As of Dec 2014, our production capacity has reached 1,000 metric tonnes a month with 97% of our products being exported to Japan and the rest to Australia/other countries. For year 2015-2016, we aim to export 99% of our products to our highly-valued customers in Japan and Australia. Our customers include Family Value, 7-11, Daniel's..etc.

Our goal is to become the premier supplier of carrier bags in the world. Thus, our strategy is straightforward: to provide products of the best possible quality, so we become the preferred choice in the global market.

Our commitment

  • We cultivate lasting business relationships
  • We try to think like our customers and see our products through their eyes
  • We live with the energy of new ideas to keep pace with the increasingly complex demands and requirements in a fast-changing world
  • We will ensure satisfaction beyond expectations by carrying out stringent quality checks before delivery to customers
  • We make our operation systems highly efficient and fully integrated, so savings can be passed to customers


The products of Bee Lian Plastic Industries are available to you through a global sales and support network.

Asia, Europe, The Pacific Rim. We are where you are. And because we have a vast distributing network, we deliver what you need, when you need it.

Our core products include

  • Vest Type Carriers (also known as Shoppers or T-Shirts Bags)
  • Punched Hole Carriers (also known as Merchandise Bags)
  • Cascade Bags (also known as blocked-headed)
  • Ordinary "straight" cut bags
  • Layflat tubings
  • Single-wound or Centrefold sheets


Bee Lian takes great pride in providing impeccable customer service - the kind that you would expect from a leader in the industry. Our vast experience in the business, combined with in-depth industrial and product knowledge, gives us the clear advantage of providing customer satisfaction of the highest order.

Our staff is trained to pay close attention to customer service in every situation and they are always available for on-going service and support.

We listen and we respond. Our service is as dependable as our products.

At Bee Lian, every customer is an individual and we're dedicated to solving your problems.

Competitive Edges

What sets Bee Lian's products and services apart is our close attention to quality control and checks, our active R&D and our integrated production system.

Superior Quality Products

Our products are subjected to strict quality controls every step of the way from beginning to end. Our raw materials come from established sources in Japan, Korea and the Middle East and are further tested for their reliability.

All employees of Bee Lian go through proper training in skills and attitude, both in practical and theory to ensure that a high degree of professionalism is maintained.

Active Research & Development

We are constantly in the pursuit for new technology so as to produce carriers that are remarkably stronger and shinier. This can be seen in our latest product, the "SGB" or Soft, Glossy Blend.

Integrated Production System

Our integrated production system allows for better, faster and more accurate communications among different departments. This means better customer service. The process of order placement to delivery, for example, can now be completed within 2-3 days.

Environmental Policies

Bee Lian is proud of its on-going commitment to protect the environment and to the safety of the peoples in the communities we serve.

Our chemical wastes are properly disposed of and to reduce wastage and pollution, Bee Lian has taken to the recycling of raw materials in a big way.

Direct steps such as having safety pointers put up in factory premises to constantly instill in our staff the importance of environmental conservation and protection issues have also been taken to ensure we stay an environmentally friendly company.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Bee Lian Plastic Industries. To best address your questions, please direct your inquiries to:


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